Alchemica - Crafting RPG


Welcome to a fantasy world of magic and mystery


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Alchemica - Crafting RPG is a traditional RPG where you play Charlotte, an apprentice alchemist with the goal of becoming a prominent businesswoman. What she doesn't know, however, is that she is destined for much greater things.

Unlike similar titles on Android, Alchemica - Crafting RPG takes its time when developing its characters and story. At the beginning of the adventure you can explore Charlotte's town, talk to villagers, and get used to the alchemy system, which lets you mix tons of potions and other useful concoctions.

Although Alchemica - Crafting RPG mostly consists of exploring areas (including many unique dungeons) and making potions, you will also need to fight. Fortunately, you can use your knowledge of alchemy to defend yourself from all kinds of monster attacks.

Alchemica - Crafting RPG is an excellent traditional RPG with charming retro style graphics and an exciting story. One top of that, the game features a wide variety of interesting content: crawling through dungeons, fighting monsters, making potions, talking to dozens of characters, etc.

Requires Android 4.2 or higher